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CSIC is now a leading state-owned business and one of China’s largest shipbuilding and ship repair groups. Its marine sector covers both naval and merchant ships and equipment manufacturing. It also designs, develops and manufactures a wide-range of non-marine products. The group has a total asset base of 384 billion RMB. Its total workforce numbers around 150,000. CSIC has been listed among the Fortune Global 500 since 2011 and ranked 281th in Fortune Global 500 in 2016 with revenue of 36.01 billion USD.

SMDERI, founded in 1963, be affiliated to CSIC. SMDERI is the only state research institute on marine diesel engine in China.

SMDERI has strong R&D ability and complete specialties. Its main strategic business areas include diesel engine, stirling engine, power system integration, ship automation system, energy saving and environmental protection equipment, and energy service, which take the leading position in China and have international influence.

SMDERI is an enterprise group engaged in R&D, manufacturing, service and project contract. The main products developed and produced by SMDERI, with a market covering more than 30 countries and regions in the world, have been widely used in more than 20 fields, such as machinery, petrochemical, energy, transportation, etc. The revenue of SMDERI for 2015 was 3.2 billion RMB.