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Stirling Engine
SMDERI, a well-known Stirling engine R&D company, began to develop the first Stirlingengine since 1975. Over the last 40 years, SMDERI has developed several commercial Stirling engines, which has been used in various areas, such as natural gas CHP cogeneration for buildings, landfill gas generating electricity, and dish/stirling solar thermal power generation. The commercial cases include the Shanghai EXPO CHP project (2010), the Chongqing Coal Ventilation Methane CHP project (2011), and the Kunming Airport Garbage Methane power generation project (2014).

Currently, the commercial Stirling products of SMDERI are the 50kW gas-fueled cogeneration unit, the 1kW dish/Stirling solar power system. In 2017, SMDERI will provide the 25kW dish/Stirling solar power system for commercial power plant.

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50kW Stirling Engine Generator Set
Major Applied Areas:
Middle/Small-scaled Distributed CHP System with Natural Gas Power Generating System with Garbage Landfill Gas
Power Generating System with Biogas
Dish Stirling Solar Thermal Power Generator System
Major Applied Areas:
Solar Thermal Power Plant