Power System Solutions and Related Products
SMDERI has decades of technical accumulation of diesel engine (gas engine) and power plant, vibration and noise reduction, transmission devices, ship automation, diesel exhaust after-treatment and sea water desalination, integrates design, development, production as well as engineering application of power system and provides life cycle service support. SMDERI is the country’s most comprehensive and professional supplier in power system integration.

Ship Power System Integration
What we offer you is Advanced and appropriate power system and life-cycle, professional and convenient one-stop service. Currently, SMDERI is the strongest domestic ship power system integrator.
Vibration and noise reduction services and products
SMDERI is the main researcher and supplier of vibration and noise reduction in China ,our main technologies and products include overall solution of ship-wide vibration and noise reduction, low noise power system, vibration isolation device (single-stage, double-stage and buoyant raft), active vibration isolation device, vibration isolation, acoustic enclosure, silencer, damping treatment, cabin’s noise treatment, vibration and noise monitoring and diagnosis and ship vibration and noise detection etc.
Power transmission technology and products
SMDERI is committed to providing various kinds of power transmission system solutions for special ship, and has the leading and mature technologies in the area of cutter transmission system, underwater dredge pump transmission system, inboard dredge pump transmission system, hydraulic pump transmission system, and high pressure water pump transmission system etc. in China, which have been successfully applied to various dredgers and pile driving barges.
Selective catalytic reduction and exhaust gas cleaning system
SMEDRI successfully developed the SCR products with independent intellectual property rights, the highest conversion rate of NOX can reach 95%, which can meet the requirements of IMO Tier Ⅲ (other standards can be designed).
Components for Diesel Engine
Components for diesel engine produced by SMDERI, contain high pressure pipe, hydraulic pipe, main starting valve, turning gear, auxiliary blower, valve (seat) grinding machine, explosion relief valve, oil mist detector etc., and widely used in MAN and Wärtsilä low-speed diesel engines.
Ship Energy Management System
Marorka is the leading international provider of Shipping Energy Management Solutions with more than ten years of development history. SMDERI, cooperated with Marorka, successfully provided the energy management system suitable for icebreaking and research in polar areas for Xue Long vessel.