Products & Services
Diesel Engine
Being the only state research institute on marine diesel engine in China, SMDERI is an engine manufacturer integrating R&D, design and manufacturing. Having a top-grade R&D team in China, SMDERI has acquired the latest key technique and developed diesel engine of international advanced level, using nowadays the most advanced design methods and experiment means.

SMDERI also provides power solutions, including main propulsion system, power plant system, joint surveillance system, and vibration and noise reduction system. We have provided power system for more than 200 military and merchant ships.

SMDERI has successfully developed high end parts and components for marine diesel engine, such as high pressure common rail fuel injection system, oil mist detector, intelligent engine control unit, and SCR system, which have reached the international advanced level. SMDERI is also one of the main suppliers of diesel engine parts and components, including turbine supercharger, electronic governor, etc.

CS21/32 medium-speed diesel engines
Be devoted to changing the situation of the great majority of high-end marine medium-speed engines are foreign brands,SMDERI has successfully developed 6CS21/32 and 8CS21/32 medium-speed engines since 2011, with power range of 1230~1760kW. The products have reached the international advanced level technically, featured with low fuel consumption, high reliability, energy saving and environmental protection, etc.
M23G Gas Engine
M23G gas engines have reached the international advanced level in technical and economic data. The key components are from world international famous suppliers to ensure the high performance and reliability of the products. Design of intrinsically safe, double wall structure type design for all gas pipes and gas valve parts.
Auxpac 16 generating set
The Auxpac 16 is Wärtsilä’s smallest Auxpac generating set and is co-designed by Wartsila and SMDERI. It is available as 6 cylinder configuration. It comes equipped with a built-in, multi-functional, digital electronic governor to ensure smooth control and fast response to load transients. Auxpac 16 generating sets are designed to be installed resiliently to the ship’s hull.