Products & Services
SMDERI has rich experience and strong ability in R&D,engineering design, system integration and repairing and service in the field of shipbuilding and offshore automation control.

The main business includes marine electrical propulsion system integration, engine electronic management system, ship and offshore automation system and products, industrial electrical and automation system, etc. Till now, SMDERI has completed over 1000 ship-sets of products, which have been successfully used on the navy vessels, national administration ships, engineering vessels, container vessels, bulk carriers, and so on.

Marine & Offshore Engineering Automation System & Products
Our product includes integrated automation system(IAS), dynamic positioning system, switch board & PMS, alternative maritime power system(AMP), which is mainly used in China coast guard, engineering ships, special ships, container ships, bulk cargo ships, tankers, offshore platforms etc.
Offshore Platform Automation System
Offshore platform automation system could be applied to the drilling platform, oil processing platform, FPSO, drilling ship, exploration ship, semi submersible vessel etc. The system could provide a full range of offshore platform automation system stem in the control of PCS (process control system), control ESD (emergency shutdown system), in the control of fire and gas monitoring system), CCTV (Intelligent video monitoring linkage system) etc.
The system has the characteristics of integrated information management, production integrated control, emergency shutdown and so on. It could realize the production process monitoring, report analysis, asset management, disaster backup, remote scheduling, integrated decision-making and management; it also has high security features, which could realize the detection of toxic and combustible gas flame. The System security level is up to SIL3.The system meets the requirements of DNV, BV, ABS, CCS and other classification societies.
Integration of Marine Electrical Propulsion System
SMDERI is a specialized supplier and integrator of the marine electric propulsion system,who provides reliable qualified system solutions for shipowners. We have rich experiences in design and engineering. The system may include gen-sets, switch board, power management, electric motors, convertor, transformer, monitoring and control products and integrating services. In recent years, SMDERI has been undertaking the integration projects over 10 shipsets, including SWATH 2500 Science Research Vessel for Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3000t Fishery Administration ship for East Sea Fishery Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture, Grand spilling-oil recovery vessel, Polar Icebreaker Vessel, etc., which established our market position in the integration business of marine electrical propulsion system.
Industrial Intelligent Manufacturing System
Mainly used in automotive electronics, 3C, SMT and other industries of precision parts production, testing, packaging production line. The process covers precision assembly, online dispensing welding test and automatic packaging etc.
Robot standard machine mainly includes framework, robot, transmission system, actuators, interchange and visual systems and other equipment.
Integration of Land Use Power Station
SMDERI is possessed of a high quality team of Project Management with complete management mechanism of construction organization both domestic and abroad. With the successful experiences of EPC in Pakistan Fatima Coal-fired Power Plant Project EPC pattern, we mainly undertake the construction of biomass power plant, including the system design, procurement, transportation, civil work, debugging, trial operation and personnel training.
Meanwhile, we also provide our client the best solution for diesel engine power station, photovoltaic power station, wind power plant and other industrial facilities.
New Energy Power System and Environmental Protection Products
1. Natural Gas Power Plant
2. Agricultural Organic Waste Collection Device