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Auxpac 16 generating set

The Auxpac 16 is Wärtsilä’s smallest Auxpac generating set and is co-designed by Wartsila and SMDERI. It is available as 6 cylinder configuration. It comes equipped with a built-in, multi-functional, digital electronic governor to ensure smooth control and fast response to load transients. Auxpac 16 generating sets are designed to be installed resiliently to the ship’s hull. The resllient installation method enables easy installation and alignment of the generating set within the vessel. The advantage over conventional mounting methods is that it notably reduces the structure-borne noise transmitted from the generating sets to the ship’s hull, thus improving onboard comfort levels.

The new Wärtsilä Auxpac 16 generating set delivers up to a maximum of 735 kW for auxiliary power generation. This powerful output, together with its compact design, gives it an outstanding power-to-space ratio on the market. The pre-commissioned standard package offers excellent reliability to ensure the availability of electrical power in sufficient quantity as and when needed Wartsila’s energy efficient engine technology minimizes emissions to make environmental compliance easier. The engine is fully compliant with IMO Tier II requirements, and when fitted with exhaust gas after treatment solutions reaches Tier III compliance. While the Auxpac 16 has been designed as an auxiliary engine for a variety of vessel types, it is especially suited for providing power to small tankers, bulkers, multi-purpose vessels and small container vessels.

The main specifications psarameters:
Cylinder bore 160mm
Stroke 250mm
Lube oil consumption 0.8g/kW.h
Fuel oil specification 700cSt/50℃ HFO

Marine Genarating sets:
Generating set  L×B×H(mm) Gen-set weight(kg)
Model Rated Power(kW)
525W5L16 525 4530×1400×1960 9800
630W6L16 630 4787×1400×1960 10800
735W7L16 735 5050×1400×1960 11800

Generating set L×BⅹH(mm) Gen-set weight(kg)
Model Rated Power(kW)
455W5L16 455 4530×1400×1960 9800
545W6L16 545 4787×1400×1960 10800
635W7L16 635 5050×1400×1960 11800