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CS21/32 medium-speed diesel engines

Be devoted to changing the situation of the great majority of high-end marine medium-speed engines are foreign brands,SMDERI has successfully developed 6CS21/32 and 8CS21/32 medium-speed engines since 2011, with power range of 1230~1760kW. The products have reached the international advanced level technically, featured with low fuel consumption, high reliability, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. The overhaul period is over 30000 hours and the products are in compliance with IMO Tier II NOx emission regulations. CS21/32 medium-speed diesel engines are applicable for work boats, engineering ships, passenger and transport vessels, stationary power plant as push engines or generator set. By now, sales contracts of CS21/32 medium-speed diesel engines have been signed, several products will be used in port-working tugs and pelagic trawler.

The main specifications psarameters:
Cylinder bore 210mm
Stroke 320mm
Lube oil consumption 0.8g/kW.h
Fuel oil specification 180cSt/50℃

HFO Marine Propulsion Diesel Engine:
Model Rated ower Seed Mean iston seed BMEP SFOC100% L×B×H weight
kW r/min m/s Ma g/kW.h mm kg
6CS21 Common rail 1320 1000 10.67 2.38 197 3845×1800×2875 17500
6CS21 Conventional version 1320     1000 10.67 2.38 197 3818×1770×3008 16000
8CS21 Conventional version 1760 1000 10.67 2.38 197 4542×1770×3008 19000

  • * The SFOC is given with one lube oil pump, one HT &LT water pump.
  • * SFOC Tolerance +5%

Marine Genarating sets:
50Hz/1000rpm, 60Hz/900rpm
Generating set Diesel engine L×B×H(mm) Gen-set weight(kg)
Model Rated Power(kW) Model Rated Power(kW)
CCFJ1230J-W 1230 6CS21/32 Common rail 1320 5690×1910×2830 26000