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M23G Gas Engine

M23G gas engines have reached the international advanced level in technical and economic data. The key components are from world international famous suppliers to ensure the high performance and reliability of the products. Design of intrinsically safe, double wall structure type design for all gas pipes and gas valve parts. They have good power performance and fuel economy, the fuel costs are reduced by more than 10% compared with the diesel engines. With complete functions, electronic control systems are easy to use. A variety of flexible configuration is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Perfect security protection meets the safety standards of China Classification Society. No visible smoke in the whole load range and in compliance with IMO Tier Ⅲ NOx emission regulations. Besides, the products are characterized with easy assembling and low-cost maintenance. M23G gas engines are applicable for tugboat, bulk freighter, container vessel, public service vessel, stationary power plant, etc.

The main specifications psarameters:
Cylinder bore 230mm
Stroke 320mm
Lube oil consumption 0.8g/kW.h
Gas fuel  specification 28MJ/m³,min ;

Marine Propulsion Diesel Engine:
Model Rated Power Speed  Mean piston speed BMEP Fuelconsumption
L×B×H weight
kW r/min m/s MPa kJ/kW.h mm kg
8M23G 1620 1000 10.67 1.81 8750 4526×1840×3008 19400